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REBECCA HORN : THE VERTEBRAE ORACLE / Sean Kelly Gallery, NYC / 10 mai – 21 juin 2014.

Rebecca Horn expose en mai à la Sean Kelly Gallery, New York, sous le titre « The Vertabrae oracle ». L’artiste allemande y propose une suite de sculptures et de grandes peintures sur papier.

Son oeuvre est travaillée par les thèmes de la nature et du passage du temps. Dans l’exposition de New York, Horn montre entre autres oeuvres « Revelation of a tree », une des plus grosses pièces sculptées présentées, constituée de branches d’arbres coulées en bronze, arrangées en cercle.

Le titre de l’exposition provient d’un poème de Horn écrit pour son amie Meret Oppenheim en l’honneur de ce qu’aurait pu être le centième anniversaire de l’artiste américaine en 2013.


Sean Kelly announces The Vertebrae Oracle, an exhibition of new work by renowned German artist Rebecca Horn. This will be the artist’s first solo show in New York since her critically acclaimed Raven’s Gold Rush of 2011.

The Vertebrae Oracle will include a group of new sculptures and large-scale paintings on paper. As with much of Horn’s oeuvre, and particularly with the works in The Vertebrae Oracle, both nature and the passage of time are thematic constants. Revelation of a Tree, one of the largest sculptures in the exhibition, consists of a substantial cast bronze tree branch, on which brass claw-like rods are arranged in a circle. Their formation suggests that the claws both embrace and protect the tree branch. Horn’s references to nature and her lyrical mark-making-gestural actions determined by the artist’s physical reach-are evident throughout the major paintings on paperin the exhibition, such as Moon to a Vertebrae Oracle.

The title of the exhibition is taken from a poem of the same name that Horn composed for her friend, Meret Oppenheim, in honor of what would have been Oppenheim’s 100th birthday in 2013. Horn explains that, « Meret had this lightness, so that a poetic wind could open up the bones of her spine to leave behind messages in her world. »

The individual elements that comprise Horn’s creative output-poems, drawings, paintings, sculptures, and films-are all evinced in the exhibition. Science and alchemy, the rational and the intuitive, and the mechanical and the sensual have characterized her work over the last four decades, resulting in one of the most important and distinct oeuvres in the world.


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