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PASOLINI E IL MONDO TERZO – About the ERROR / Sobre el ERROR – curated by Marco Milan / Museo de Arte del Banco de la Repùblica and Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango, Bogota (Colombia) / September 30th – December 15th, 2015.

The TALES-ON project was born from the desire to create a multilateral non-profit platform for cultural research on different territories in the southern hemisphere of the world and their respective artistic and anthropological experiences. After the exhibition organized in Madrid in the spaces of Casa de América and the installation in Barranquilla as part of the Carnaval de las Artes, About the Error/Sobre el Error reaches Bogota for its final event. This time, the program is enriched by the Pasolini e Il Mondo Terzo exhibition – organized with the scientific advisory of the Pier Paolo Pasolini Archive of Bologna – which engages in a logic of virtual dialogue with the works of the Colombian artists who are already involved with the platform. The project is part of the ARTBO program, the contemporary art fair that animates the Colombian capital from October 1st to the 4th. As evidence of the strong link between the two events, the artist’s book About the Error / Sobre el Error will be presented within the Libro de Artista section.

The exhibition About the Error / Sobre el Error collects, at the Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango, the experiences of 4 Colombian artists who are already part of an artist’s book distributed free to 500 institutions around the world within a scene of free circulation of thought. Mateo López, Nicolás Paris Vélez, Daniel Salamanca and Daniel Santiago Salguero – who worked alongside Óscar Collazos, Linero Guillermo Montes, Efraim Medina Reyes, Robert H. Marlowe, Juan Manuel Roca and artist Bernardo Ortiz on the volume published by La Fabrica – each contribute one unpublished work in continuity with what had been done previously for the artist’s book. The four works range from videos to an installation that mimics a museographic endeavor, working with the inspiring elements that led the individual artists to the realization of the works featured in the book.

Within the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Banco de la Republica, in the central quarter of La Candelaria, the Pasolini e Il Mondo Terzo retrospective develops the theme of the error in analysis of the work of the great Italian writer and director, with this year marking the the fortieth anniversary of his death. In the 60s and 70s, Pasolini emphasized in his works a present without hope, often criticizing the so-called « civilized » world. With strong Italian roots, an atheist with a latent desire for meaning, he « sought an ideal of purity and diversity in the Third World, disconnected from the rules of progress of his era that he paradoxically defined as « without progress, » bringing us back to the error in terms of the literacy of contemporary society, so often herald of answers and illusory structures », says Marco Milan.

In his many travels to the East and to Africa the writer is confronted by another kind of humanity, with other answers to the questions of life, managing to forge kinships by overcoming the language barriers. An overwhelming desire emerges for understanding and alternatives: the different becomes a new possibility, yet it doesn’t satisfy him fully, always bringing him back to his roots.

The retrospective of Pasolini, contiguous with the About the Error / Sobre el Error exhibition, is entwined in a key cultural crossroads between Italy and Latin America, the latter filling the role of the third world theorized and explored by the director, and of thematic affinity between the poet and that Error that so often marked his life and reflections.

Marco Milan has decided to show this theoretical link through an installation in the front courtyard of the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo: the 5 sound « gates » contain audio tracks that reproduce the reading of one of the poet’s original pieces in Spanish , selected from the 4 books that are the subject of the exhibition (El padre Salvaje, Poesia en forma de Rosa, El color de la India, Escritos Corsarios). The books are then placed at different stopping points inside the museum and marked with totems, allowing the public to read passages from them during their visits.

In the Volume About the Error / Sobre el Error, which will be presented in the Libro de Artista section of ARTBO, contributions are collected by the artists Mateo López, Bernardo Ortiz, Nicolás Paris Vélez, Daniel Salamanca and Daniel Santiago Salguero who have ventured to create within a two dimensional space represented by a 56 x 80 cm sheet of paper. Here they were able to express their personal views about error, using their vision and the creative codes derived from it. In turn, the writers Óscar Collazos, Guillermo Linero Montes, Efraim Medina Reyes, Robert H. Marlowe and Juan Manuel Roca, were asked to write a short piece on the same theme, with the intention of combining narrative and visual perception in one multi-form vessel.

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Visuels : 1- About the Error / Sobre el Error, artist book / 2- Pasolini in Yemen on the set of Le mura di Sana’a – Photo by Roberto Villa

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