“Pia Camil: A Pot for a Latch” January 13–April 17, 2016 / “Cheryl Donegan: Scenes + Commercials” January 20–April 10, 2016 / New Museum New York.

Pia Camil: A Pot for a Latch

In January 2016, the New Museum hosts the first solo museum presentation in New York of the work of artist Pia Camil (b. 1980, Mexico City). In her paintings, sculptures, performances, and installations, Camil draws inspiration from the inner-city landscape of her native Mexico City and from the history of modernism. Her projects transform the remnants of dysfunctional commercial culture, revealing the inherent problems as well as the latent potential within inner-city ruin.

At the New Museum, Camil presents a new sculptural installation created specifically for the Lobby Gallery. Inspired by the modular display systems used by commercial vendors, the artist has created a succession of gridwall panels of her own design, complete with hooks, shelves, and other fixtures for displaying objects. Composed of grids, lines, and geometric shapes, the structures form a volumetric drawing within the space of the gallery. Camil invites the public to participate in the ongoing creation of her piece, encouraging visitors to exchange their own unique items for others in the installation, thereby transforming the gallery into a shop of sorts, in which the monetary value of an object is supplanted by its personal history and significance.

In her invitation to the public Camil states, “The object you bring is a talisman of sorts, and it should be thought of in the same way that the ancient Romans conceived of ‘res,’ a term denoting a gift that has both a personal value and a history. Bring objects of power, of aesthetic interest, and of poignancy. The monetary value of these items is insignificant; their value lies instead in their richness of meaning and in the new life that they acquire on the grid within the Lobby Gallery.” More information about how to participate can be found HERE.

Cheryl Donegan: Scenes + Commercials

Working across video, painting, and performance, Cheryl Donegan (b. 1962, New Haven, CT) explores the production and consumption of images in popular culture, middlebrow design, and art history. In her performance and video work spanning the early ’90s to the early ’00s, Donegan often used her body as an apparatus for mark-making, parodying conventions of commercials and music videos while considering the politics of self-representation. Over the last decade, she has continued her exploration of the mediated image and her interests in surface, compressed space, and the mark’s indexical relation to the body in paintings and sculptures produced in her studio and in videos distributed on social media. Her New Museum residency and exhibition will be presented as part of the Education and Public Engagement Department’s R&D Season: LEGACY and will tackle the ways and means by which our connections to the past are produced, fabricated, and renewed, particularly in fashion and art history. The exhibition comprises works from throughout Donegan’s career, bringing together key projects that have generated new directions in her practice.

On Thursday, April 7, Donegan will also present her “EXTRA LAYER” Fashion Show, which will premiere a collection of outerwear produced in cooperation with Print All Over Me. Throughout the run of the exhibition, the Resource Center will feature “Concept Store,” a new installation that will display garments, textiles, objects, videos, and works on paper Donegan has created alongside elements she has sourced from websites such as eBay and Vine, engaging in a process she calls “refashioning the readymade.”



1 & 3: Cheryl Donegan – 2: Pia Camil / copyright the artists – New Museum

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