TATIANA TROUVÉ : THE GUARDIAN / 18.01. – 09.03.2014 / Schinkel Pavillon Berlin.

Le Pavillon Schinkel à Berlin présente en janvier une nouvelle installation de Tatiana Trouvé, spécifiquement réalisée pour l’exposition. L’artiste y explore la relation entre l’espace d’exposition et son environnement. L’oeuvre est intitulée The Guardian.

Schinkel Pavillon presents a new site specific installation by Tatiana Trouvé, where the artist explores the relationship between the exhibition space and its surroundings. The work, entitled The Guardian, brings together several elements fitting one another: a concrete mattress upon a wall, a chair and plastic bags cast in bronze.

During a visit in Berlin last year, Trouvé could observe the surroundings of the Schinkel Pavillon becoming a vast construction site. Because of the large windows, each one opening on a busy landscape under construction, the viewer could not ignore this environment, even inside the building. From this starting point, Trouvé began to explore the possibilities of a dialogue between the pavillon and its surroundings, by moving an environment within the exhibition space.

The installation is a fragment of architecture echoing to this urban landscape. It switches the traditional perspective inside/outside. Whilst merging interior and exterior, the work both parallels and extends the souvenir of the construction site: although he’s not there, a sentinel is on duty, his seat waiting for him. From this chair, his point of view is also casting the memory of the landscape.

Tatiana Trouvé (born Cosenza, Italy, 1968) lives and work in Paris. She imagines intricate scenarios where floating spaces merge with the rational. Her drawings, sculptures and installations destabilize the viewer, immersing him in both disquieting and familiar settings, mingling boundaries between what is real and what is not. Her work was recently presented in Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2007), Centre George Pompidou, Paris (2008), Migros Museum, Zurich (2009) and Kunsthaus Graz (2010). A comprehensive survey of recent works will open soon in Kunstmuseum Bonn (January 29 through May 4).

Schinkel Pavillon e.V. / Oberwallstrasse 1 10117 Berlin

Tatiana Trouvé, Installation view / Courtesy of the artist.

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