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Chalet Society presents THE HIDDEN WORLD, JIM SHAW’S BOOK / IN A SPECIAL ART BASEL 100-COPY LIMITED EDITION / Thursday, June 19th 6 – 7 p.m. / Exhibitionspace Klingental Kasernenstrasse 23, 4058 Basel.

A performance by Jim Shaw will follow, as part of the exhibition Destroy All Monsters

Not so secret societies, far-fetched orders and fraternities, evangelical and fundamentalist movements, New Age spiritualists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Freemasons, ultraconservatives and conspiracy theorists of all kinds, children’s encyclopaedias, and medical books… The Hidden World, an exhibition and now a book, invites you to dive into an astounding archive of contemporary imagination, collected by Jim Shaw for over forty years. The book also features a conversation between Jim Shaw and Marc-Olivier Wahler, a series of original essays by philosopher and novelist Tristan Garcia, as well as an encyclopedic glossary dedicated to the protagonists of The Hidden World. Inspired by a size and a form of the well-known pocket edition of the Bible, with its black leatherette cover and blood-red edges, this is an indispensable guide to the weird.

A special edition of The Hidden World will be launched at Art Basel 2014. Each of these 100 limited editions will be signed by Jim Shaw, numbered and stamped, featuring original silkscreen prints by book designer The Bell Angels.

From The Hidden World’s Guestbook:

Jim Shaw has the most amazing collection of cultural oddities that I have ever seen – Mike Kelley

Jim’s show is like peeking deep inside his wacky, delightfully twisted mind to discover where he gets his inspirations. As a fellow twisted artist, I found it greatly inspiring – Cindy Sherman

The show is like an obsessive compulsive scratched mixed tape of mad soppy pop songs. You may love or hate it, it is so powerful it stays stuck in your mind till the end of times! – Maurizio Cattelan

EDITOR: Marc-Olivier Wahler
GRAPHIC DESING: The Bells Angels aka Julien Sirjacq and Simon Bernheim
CO-PRODUCED: Chalet Society, Paris and Centre Dürrenmatt, Neuchâtel. Emerige Group, Paris. Blum & Poe Gallery, Los Angeles / Metro Pictures Gallery, New York / Praz Delavallade Gallery, Paris / Simon Lee Gallery, London
FIRST PUBLISHED: Koenig Books, London, 2014
HARDCOVER: 512 pages
SIZE: 16 x 12 x 3 cm
The book will be for sale at Stampa Bookshop within the ArtBasel Fair. Special Art Basel 2014 price : 150 € (After Art Basel: 195 €)

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