Città invisibili / 21-23 avril 2016 / La Box Bourges.

Città Invisibili est la programmation curatoriale de La Box pour l’année 2015-2016. Avec la participation des artistes Olga Kisseleva, Davide Balula, Virginie Yassef, Caecilia Tripp, et Hanna Zubkova elle est proposée par Julia Cistiakova et Ekaterina Shcherbakova. Ce projet consiste à dévoiler et visualiser les faces cachées de la ville de Bourges qui y résident de manière latente. La genèse du projet est inspirée de l’œuvre littéraire « Les Villes invisibles » de l’écrivain Italo Calvino. Au travers du projet, les commissaires souhaitent mesurer et capturer les transformations urbaines à partir des données contextuelles, des utilisations et des mesures qui ne sont pas à la base destinées à ce processus. Ainsi, l’objectif de ce projet est de dévoiler un autre aspect de la ville de Bourges à ses habitants.

Virginie YASSEF
Sound: Anthony Gérard
Performance on Thursday 21 April 2016 at 6 pm at Théâtre Jacques Cœur, 16 Rue Jacques Cœur, 18000 Bourges, France

​The project Moho presented by the artist Virginie Yassef is a video projection accompanied by a directly composed sound piece. The presentation takes place in a baroque Italian theatre. Inspired by renown undergrounds of Bourges, it shows off this obscure mirror of the city.

Underground are often imagined as objects of fantasy, fear and the unknown. They are also places of refuge, warehouses of provision or a cache of treasures. The visionaries see it as rooms of secret meetings, perhaps even laboratories of alchemists. A cellar is an essential element of urban construction from the Gallo-Roman era. These sinuous caves filled with mysteries compose the legend of Bourges, a city that does not completely expose itself, keeping its secrets, mysteries and myths.
The project is entitled after a geological phenomenon, the “Mohorovičić discontinuity”, a boundary between the Earth’s crust and the upper mantle. This physicochemical discontinuity is an inaccessible area where the speed of seismic waves suddenly changes. Since its discovery in 1909 and after several attempts, scientists have never managed to reach this Moho.

The video of Virginie Yassef invites the viewer to descend to these inaccessible tunnels of Bourges, the endless underground often haunted by hallucinations and ghosts. Sound work is composed of loud noises and mysterious tones revealing the myths of the city imagined by the artist.

Flexibles (Exercices d’étirements)

Choreography: Charline Corcessin
Performance on Saturday 23 April 2016 at 3 pm and at 4 pm at the Archevêché Park, 18000 Bourges, France

​Flexible (stretching exercises) takes the form of a workshop and only part of it takes place in public spaces. Different dancers refer to orthopedic constraints (splints, casts or muscle ribbons) and perform a series of movements and postures in interaction with the city. Inspired by the stretching exercises recommended before doing any sport, slow and repetitive movements of the dancers make visible the limits of flexibility of each individual. Each movement draws for each pose a new map of the body.

The project is realized in collaboration with Jonathan Cotant and the students of the Conservatoire of Bourges Luc Toulotte’s dancing class: Carla Barbillon, Lainée Bouregat, Charlotte Grivel, Elsa Rebeyrol.

Caecilia TRIPP
Here’m’Now, A Score for migrating Notes
Performance on Saturday 23 April 2016 at 5 pm at the Halle au Blé, place de la Nation, 18000 Bourges, France

​Here’m’Now / A Score for migrating Notes is a sound performance for a harp and a dancer. The performance takes place in the Halle au Blé in Bourges, a 19th century building, former major place for wheat storage, literally, the place of the conversion of capital to the bread for the people. The history of capitalism since the early merchant capitalism formed in Western Europe in the Middle Ages. Marco Polo (1254-1324) is probably the most famous merchant and narrator who precisely describes his travels to the Far East. Marco Polo’s description of his travels to the Far East has attracted the interest of medieval Europe and subsequently inspired Christopher Columbus to search the sea of the East that eventually led to the discovery of America, and its conquest that led to the « sharing » of the world.
The concept of the market takes its roots in the Greek Agora, the place of political and mercantile gathering of the city. It is an ancient Città, a place of meeting, exchange where memories and destinies cross, and the secrets and desires from here and elsewhere. Here’m’Now / A Score for migrating Notes, directs the invisible city to a new geography of identity, unwritten imaginaries, hidden stories and those to come in a sound and performative partition which resonate with the architecture of the place, its algorithms, in relation to the convent of the Cordeliers, now invisible, place of knowledge, kept secrets and repetitive rituals.

Città Invisibili is a curatorial project with the participation of Davide Balula, Olga Kisseleva, Caecilia Tripp, Virginie Yassef, and Hanna Zubkova, proposed by Julia Cistiakova and Ekaterina Shcherbakova. The project aims to expose and visualize the hidden faces of the City of Bourges that latently reside there. The genesis of the project was inspired by the literary work « Invisible Cities » by Italo Calvino. Throughout the project, we want to measure and capture urban transformations using contextual data, different practices and measurements that are not initially destined for this process. Thus, the objective of the Città Invisibili is to reveal another aspect of the City of Bourges to its habitants.

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