MARCO ANDREA MAGNI | HO SEMPRE AGITO PER DISPETTO (I ALWAYS ACTED IN SPITE) – Loom Gallery, Milano – 24 November 2017 – 21 January 2018 – OPENING Thursday, 23 November, 7 – 9 pm

“I have always acted out of spite” is the chosen title for Marco Andrea Magni’s second solo exhibition at Loom Gallery. “Turtle Tears” and “Atlas of the difficult world” were the alternative suggestions.

Marco proposed three titles for the exhibition, as this is the number of phases and of worlds that are represented. A world that exists, precious and dominated by various forces: the tension of a pin in “Lo Spazio Punto”, two balancing stones (Contropelo), a golden plated marine residue in “Tornasole” and in the 12 millimetre hole of a moderate base in “L’immorale”. This is a world that creates itself, with lepidopteran pigments and passe-partout (Oscurato). A world that does not exist or does not seem to appear. A “Bugia”, hidden from the first “Colpo D’Occhio”, a few papers “Miracolo”, and to lose oneself in the vortex of a glass of water (Fontana).

It may appear like a poem but this is the press release of the show, which plays with Marco Andrea Magni’s exhibited works titles. MAM, ironically, sounds like the name of a museum…

Marco Andrea Magni lives and works in Milan.

Marco Andrea Magni | Ho sempre agito per dispetto | Loom Gallery 2017

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