Julian Schnabel – The Patch of Blue the Prisoner Calls the Sky – Pace Gallery, 540 West 25th Street New York – March 6 – April 18, 2020 – Opening Reception: Thursday, March 5 6–8 PM.

New York— Pace Gallery presents « The Patch of Blue the Prisoner Calls the Sky », Julian Schnabel’s first
solo exhibition at the gallery’s new Chelsea home. The exhibition features thirteen recent paintings by the artist.
The show will be on view at 540 West 25th Street from March 6 – April 18, 2020, with an opening reception on
Thursday, March 5 from 6 – 8 PM. An essay by James Nares, titled The Patch of Blue the Prisoner Calls the Sky,
will accompany the exhibition.

These works catalogue the possibilities of how and what to paint, revealing a new way of looking at the world that
blurs the line between representation and configuration. As Nares explains, “These paintings represent the evidence
of their own autonomy. They are metaphoric in an open way, not to interpretation as image but as underlying principlesand facets of nature.”

Weather-beaten fabrics provide a temporal point of departure. “Julian is drawn to surfaces and objects that show
their own history—scuffed-up cardboard, the discarded sails of sailing ships, Kabuki theater backdrops…he thinks
of them as ‘opportunities’—calls them ‘veils of time.’”

Painted with marks Nares refers to as “a kind of mapping of the mind,” the works evoke volcanoes, rock formations,
ocean waves, deserts, outer space, all rendered in emotive indigo blues, blood reds, pale pinks and olive greens–
eternity. Once a utilitarian object, the fabric ground contains traces of its past life and the perfection of the
coincidental opening a window into both our world and one imagined in dense paint. “The paintings are full of
dynamic surprises….Small fire, a prism, and a window-like opening in a place with no wall, blue sky beyond…”

Julian Schnabel (born in Brooklyn, New York, 1951, raised in Brownsville, Texas) has always been a revolutionary
voice in painting and all his other creative endeavors. His use of preexisting materials not traditionally used in artmaking, varied painting surfaces, and unconventional modes of construction were pivotal in the reemergence
of painting in the United States and beyond since the late 1970s. He invented a new language within painting that
paved the way for and influenced a new generation of artists.

Image: Julian Schnabel, exhibition in Pace NYC: The Patch of Blue the Prisoner Calls the Sky © Julian Schnabel

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